Announcing! Pizza Pigeon: The Search for the Lost Parm

Announcing! Pizza Pigeon: The Search for the Lost Parm

New Crust City is about to experience a terrible tragedy that will rock its populace to the core. Chaos will break out. People will get hurt. And ‘za will be off the menu for good. Unless, that is, an unlikely hero comes to their rescue: Pizza Pigeon.

This debut graphic novel by artist and writer Jared Clay is a brilliantly illustrated, witty, charming, and sometimes a little scary story about a pigeon with pizza for wings who embarks on a mission to save the city he loves, even though it doesn’t love him back. More than two years of painstaking effort went into producing this incredible book, illustrated by hand with marker. Jared’s clever writing, excellent storytelling, and beautiful art style make this graphic novel a joy for the eyes and the heart.

Pizza Pigeon: The Search for the Lost Parm will be available for sale at Vancouver Fan Expo from February 17th through 19th , after which it will be available online in the Shrimp Cult Press store and at select physical stores in BC.

All copies in this first printing will be numbered and hand-stamped with Jared’s signature. As with all Shrimp Cult books, the first printing of Pizza Pigeon also bears our first printing insignia on its title page.

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