About the Company

What if we all had just a bit more levity in our lives? Stories that take the issues in the world and bring them to their darkest and most dire extreme serve a purpose, and lots of people enjoy them. Shrimp Cult Press isn’t that kind of place. You won’t find sociopathic super heroes or post-apocalyptic radioactive hellions here. Our stories offer a delightful break from all that. They reach for the beautiful optimism that we all had access to as children.

Relax with us, laugh, enjoy some beautiful art, and when you’re rested, then go fight climate change, fascism, late-stage capitalism, or any of the other blights upon our world. This place is a little bubble where you can rest.

Shrimp Cult Press was started in 2022 by Peter Davoust. While looking for a new career, Peter realized that one of the most important things in our human world is story. People love stories, and the stories we read and watch influence how we think about everything in our lives. They have the power to heal, the power to inform, and the power to change our minds. He decided that he wanted to use his skills to not only breath life into his own stories, but to produce and bring to the world other beautiful stories, and to support other artists and authors who want to tell uplifting, absurd, silly stories that bring people joy.