Meet The Cult

So who is Shrimp Cult Press, anyway?

Peter Davoust - Founder and President (and most other things)

Handsome guy wearing a yellow cheese wedge hat on his head. Go Pack Go.

I started Shrimp Cult Press after quitting my job as a software engineer at a famously large and soulless software company. I've always loved books. Reading them is wonderful, but the mere fact that they contain and preserve so much information - so many human thoughts and ideas and stories - has always fascinated me. Real, tangible books are an irreplaceable experience, and I'm thrilled that I get to make them. I love telling my own stories, but I especially love helping other people bring their stories to life and to the world.

@peterdavoust -

Jared Clay - Manager of Janitorial Services

Jared has been around since the very beginning. Of Shrimp Cult Press? Of time itself? Who knows. But he's been here. He's the best, most supportive Manager of Janitorial Services we could ask for. And like they say in Battlestar Galactica, "he's a wizard, Captain".


Casey Davoust - Security, Head of Shipping and Receiving, Best Dog

Adorable black dog panting happily.

Peter might own the company, but Casey is the one in charge. She spends most of the day supervising to make sure that nothing goes wrong and that no one makes too much noise as they walk through the hall outside. She likes short walks, snacks, and tummy rubs. She is a very good dog.