We're Headed to Fan Expo 2024!

We're Headed to Fan Expo 2024!

Fan Expo is coming up, and Shrimp Cult Press will be there again! Shrimp Cult Press first launched at Fan Expo in 2023, and I’m thrilled to announce that we’ll be there again this year. Come see us at booth 639, right by the celebrity autographs. The celebrities are cool and all, but are they selling any roleplaying books about silly animals? No. No, they are not. See us first, get your book, and then tell Joseph Quinn how awesome it is*.

Last year, Shrimp Cult Press got started with a silly, family-friendly adventure written by me, The Kingdom of Gallus and the Trouble with Brunch, and we’re starting off the new year with a new graphic novel by fantastic artist Jared Clay. More on that later this week… stay tuned!

See you at the con!



* If you convince one of the two Stranger Things cast members to come by our booth, I’ll give you one of everything we’re selling for free.

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