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Pizza Pigeon: The Search for the Lost Parm (Signed)

Pizza Pigeon: The Search for the Lost Parm (Signed)

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New Crust City is about to experience a terrible tragedy that will rock its populace to the core. Chaos will break out. People will get hurt. And ‘za will be off the menu for good. Unless, that is, an unlikely hero comes to their rescue: Pizza Pigeon.

Cast out from society and exiled to his lonely roost on top of the Lucky Meatball, Pizza Pigeon isn’t the hero New Crust City asked for (in fact, they tried pretty hard to get rid of him), but he’s the hero they have and the hero they need. As he tracks down the villains that stole New Crust City’s sacred parm, he will learn more about the secrets of his past and make new friends. Maybe he’ll even make some enemies along the way as well.

This debut graphic novel by Jared Clay is a brilliantly illustrated, witty, charming, and sometimes somewhat scary story about a pigeon with pizza for wings who embarks on a mission to save the city he loves, even though it doesn’t love him back. Over a year and a half of painstaking effort went into producing this incredible book, illustrated by hand with marker. Jared’s clever writing, excellent storytelling, and beautiful edgy art style make this graphic novel a joy for the eyes and the heart.

All copies in this first printing will be numbered and signed. As with all Shrimp Cult books, the first printing of Pizza Pigeon also bears our first printing insignia on its title page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Kefn Minor
Pizza Pigeon is awesome.

Printing and everything is great quality. Glad I asked for Jared to sign it.

Rachel Kaplan
Great Read!

I loved this. It was clever and creative! Really fun to read both as an adult and a big hit with my kids - 10 and 12.

Sophie Hajialiakbar
The best!

IN CRUST WE TRUST! The story of Pizza Pigeon’s journey to self-realization is filled with action, adventure, and PEAK comedy! The artwork is mind blowing- every page is a masterpiece! The characters are so (!) unique and interesting and clever! The attention to detail is astounding, and the story itself, captivating. Re-reading Pizza Pigeon only brings out more brilliant details and Easter eggs of the Pizza Pigeon Universe! I cannot wait for more!

Leah Laviano
So fun and original!

My husband and I loved it! The illustrations are incredible and add so much to the story. All around it’s a good time!

To Pigeon and Beyond

The Pizza Pigeon: The Search for the Lost Parm is a very idyllic story of hero’s journey from star to finish. It starts strong with its world building and the protagonist place in that world. The Pizza pigeon is a reluctant outsider shunned by society because he does not fit in society, even through the society he resides in should openly accept him (due to the nature of his wings) as he searches for the parm when others have not.

The puns and alliteration are clever and witty spread throughout the book. The illustrations give subtle hints of foreshadowing for the chapters. Artistry is strategically placed everywhere within the book. The plot delivers a solid story of inner strength discovered after the Pigeon is captured and stripped of his toppings by Calzone Malone. Through the power of sheer will, once his(Pigeon’s) toppings is summoned back to him. To put it bluntly, Pizza Pigeon goes slightly John Wick on his assailants once he frees himself, in my opinion, which I do enjoy.

I admit I did miss that Calzone Malone, co-conspirator Tom Ato on the first read, only a second and third read did I find his name. The pun and name was so will hidden on the first read, it would have been the one criticism of who the henchman was. Which is cleverly punned to tee.

Once the protagonist has liberated the lost prize, and is praised and accepted by the crusitzens of New Crust City. He finds his purpose and reason for living. The allure for sequel is cleverly done with an Inspector Gadget Dr. Claw vibe to finish it off.

I really enjoyed this book, it was crafted with passion and care. Jared has a marvellous vision and I wish him the best in that endeavour. May his Pigeon Universe flourish to new frontiers. I see independent works are far more effective than the mainstream. Jared’s work shows how humanity is poured in his characters are in the same way I have read is the Michael Tuner’s Aspen MLT Fathom Series. Attention and care matters whether it is plot, world building and character arcs. May the crust be with you, Jared.