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The Kingdom of Gallus and the Trouble with Brunch (Signed)

The Kingdom of Gallus and the Trouble with Brunch (Signed)

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Delicious brunch? Dastardly theft? Talking chickens?! If you like even one of these things, you’ll love The Kingdom of Gallus and the Trouble with Brunch. It’s a tabletop roleplaying game for the whole family with everything you need to have a great time getting to the bottom of the terrible string of egg thefts from a kingdom of talking chickens. Spend some time exploring the region, or get right down to solving the egg-regious egg crimes – it’s up to you!  

Complete with rich illustrations, concise and well-organized layouts, and beautifully easy to follow maps, this adventure comes lovingly hand-signed by author and illustrator Peter Davoust.  

Suitable for anyone old enough to play a roleplaying game (10+). Designed for 5e, but easily transferrable to any ruleset, this game is for anyone with a sense of humour and a love of adventure. Digital version (PDF format) included with purchase.

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