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The Kingdom of Gallus and the Trouble with Brunch (Signed)

The Kingdom of Gallus and the Trouble with Brunch (Signed)

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Delicious brunch? Dastardly theft? Talking chickens?! If you like even one of these things, you’ll love The Kingdom of Gallus and the Trouble with Brunch. It’s a tabletop roleplaying game for the whole family with everything you need to have a great time getting to the bottom of the terrible string of egg thefts from a kingdom of talking chickens. Spend some time exploring the region, or get right down to solving the egg-regious egg crimes – it’s up to you!  

Complete with rich illustrations, concise and well-organized layouts, and beautifully easy to follow maps, this adventure comes lovingly hand-signed by author and illustrator Peter Davoust.  

Suitable for anyone old enough to play a roleplaying game (10+). Designed for 5e, but easily transferrable to any ruleset, this game is for anyone with a sense of humour and a love of adventure.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Chris Porter
A refreshing new setting

I was expecting high fantasy, I got a hilarious light-hearted story with an engaging premise. I wanted to explore and talk to the NPCs to figure out how this world functions. With a GM willing to roleplay, this story really shines!

This module is worth playing! I would play again to get the most out of the story and world.

A clucking good time!

What a great adventure! 5/5!

Our party was feeling like we needed a vacation, and we happened to ran across a flyer for some *amazing* sandwiches and extraordinary dining experiences. That sounded *perfect*!

Turns out, this was was just a slight detour on our journey, just in the land of The Kingdom of Gallus! Our DM pulled out The Trouble with Brunch, and we set off for some R&R. Little did we know, we’d be part of an important moment of the Gallan people!

The wonderful illustrations and maps within the high quality book made the adventure easy to get into, and the story behind it provided a great base for our party to be creative and explore! Our need for a new experience was satisfied, and somehow our Bard has figured out how to make *perfect* omelets every morning… *without a fire*. It must have something to do with that new pan they have tied to their pack.

Give this a shot! You’ll have a great time!


After falling into this adventure, I will never look at eggs or chickens the same. Not reading anything before the DM began, the hook of the adventure was quickly afoot. Fun and hijinks. An adventure ripe for puns and food fights.

Always keep your eggs lighty scrabbled along with your adventures, and think of the children.

Mathew Rupp
Eggtremely Hilarious Adventure!

I played this adventure with my wife and a few good friends fairly recently and had a blast! Going into the story I had not read the synopsis so as soon as our DM read the hook, I knew it was going to be an absurdly good time! Our party had a blast exploring the kingdom of Gallus, whether that was our cleric trying to spawn 1000 eggs in a cloth sack (spoiler alert, that didn't end well), or my fighter laid out on the floor, covered in bacon grease, dropping everything he grabbed because it was slippery. This short adventure is perfect for a one shot or weekend adventure and the world presents plenty of opporotunities to role play and improvise! The encounters are well balanced and well written, and the world building is just detailed enough to not overwhelm, but still allow those with a vivid imagination plenty to play with. I would highly recommend this to any tabletop RPG fans looking for a fun and funny short adventure!